Dr. David Nylund, LCSW, PhD

Professional Services


David sees youth and adults in therapy for most problems that make trouble in peoples’ lives.  For David, it’s not so much about what problems people are up against, but how he works in partnership with people to take a stand against problems. He brings a compassionate, understanding, and non-judgmental attitude to each therapy situation.

Dr. Nylund has worked for many years with individuals and families dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, self-esteem problems, issues related to sexual orientation, socioeconomic struggles, and difficulties with interpersonal and romantic relationships. He welcomes people of all races, religions, ideologies, sexual orientations, backgrounds, and issues.

David has had training in multiple perspectives; however, he primarily uses Narrative Therapy in working with people to have richer, full, and satisfying lives. He believes that therapy is a collaborative and active process for both the person and the therapist. David focuses on what clients want to work on and believes that therapy should generate hopefulness and possibility. In addition, Dr. Nylund thinks that therapy should be outcome-informed. It is David’s job to help you get on with your life and to deliver the outcomes you want effectively and efficiently.

Client Forms

Clinical Supervision

David Nylund is an approved clinical supervisor by the California Board of Behavioral Science. He has supervised therapists for over 20 years. Dr. Nylund is available to supervise people on the LCSW and MFT licensure tracks. Supervision is an engaged, interactive process that is mutually negotiated between David and the supervisee. David is committed to making supervision financially accessible and personally supportive. Having David as a clinical supervisor may be one of the most defining experiences of your professional development.


Mediation is a voluntary way for people to talk and listen to each other by using a mediator as a neutral third party. The participants (not a judge or an arbitrator, or even the mediator) resolve their conflicts. The mediator supports the participants by helping them to communicate their perceptions and express their needs, brainstorm options, develop plans, and make decisions. David Nylund is trained in mediation for resolving conflicts regarding child custody, employee/employer conflict, divorce, and other family issues.