Dr. David Nylund, LCSW, PhD


Narrative Therapy

Dr. Nylund uses a form of counseling called Narrative therapy. Narrative Therapy has been shown to improve personal and family relationships.  The narrative process provides an environment for respect and value to flourish. Rather than reverting to demeaning behaviors, reactions or remarks, the narrative therapist guides the person seeking help in a way that allows them to separate the problem from the individual.

The technique of externalizing sets the stage for creating positive interactions and transforming negative communication or responses into more accepting, non-judgmental and meaningful exchanges. In narrative family therapy, as well as couple therapy, the therapist strives to help the clients identify with their experiences in a more adaptive and healthy manner that benefits all members of the group.

There are many benefits of narrative therapy. One of the biggest benefits of engaging in this form of therapy is being able to examine through the past to discover things that had previously remained hidden. Acting as a facilitator and an investigator, the therapist is able to pose questions that challenge prior conceptions and reveal maladaptive behaviors. This can be a thoroughly revealing process, resulting in an insight that cannot be achieved through other traditional forms of therapy. Having one’s life story spoken aloud can be illuminating. And through narrative therapy, a person in therapy is given the opportunity to edit and rewrite the remainder of their story.